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Greening Tjuntjuntjara and Tree Planting Volunteer Program 23rd Sept to 7th October 2021

Places are limited for our 23rd Sept to 7th October 2021 (inclusive of travel) tree planting program. It is a pilot project with the view to develop a continuous relationship with the community and activate a living plan to provide shelter, shade, dust abatement, food gardens and amenity enhancement by greening the community.

Priority this year will be given to volunteers from our project partners and leaders who are able to contribute toward planting the 2000 trees donated by Carbon Positive Australia and the long term sustainability of Tjuntjuntjara as a healthy and vibrant community - to make the community sustainable through integrated water, energy and land use planning. Volunteers are welcome to register interest so complete the Registration Form and contact Catherine Angel-Townley who is coordinating the event as a volunteer for the community and PTAC.


Some planting equipment to remain on site.

Bus Hire for volunteer travel

Watering cans for site

Transportation of seedlings to Kalgoorlie

Water Crystals

Education re mulch and tree care.

The project volunteers are being coordinated through Catherine Angel-Townley.

A list of volunteers who expressed an interest in the School holiday tree planting week will be finalised shortly to arrange travel and all those registering will be notified and sent a form to fill out a minimum of one week before travel on the Bus and 4WDs. John Townley and Catherine Angel-Townley will be traveling to Tjuntjuntjara on 23 September to prepare and engage with Anangu on the tree planting in and around community members fenced yards.

All bets are off if we experience COVID 19 travel restrictions.

At this stage house fencing is a work in progress through the Department of Communities and SWI and we are unsure if all the house yards will be fenced by October, in which case the focus will be on getting as many trees in the ground with suitable tree guards by the end of the October visit.

You can read more about our COVID 19 guidelines here but please be aware that PTAC through our Spinifex Health Service reserves the right to cancel the event or attendance if there is an unacceptable risk due to COVID 19. So stay safe and please do not hesitate to contact Catherine, Graham or the PTAC Office and Health Service if you have any concerns. COVID-19 Guidelines | spinifex (

A 2022 expression of interest form is also open in the link below so that people who are not able to participate this year can be included on a volunteers list for 2022. We are not sure on dates yet but future plans include projects such as; a local nursery, establishing a sandalwood plantation, supporting bush tucker and bush medicines, seed collection, carbon offset planning and most importantly - engagement with the Pila Nguru Aboriginal Corporation Ranger and Land Management program and School. We are also engaged in integrated water and renewable energy planning with 3DS and working to design develop a food orchard at the old contractor's camp near the power station and water plant. No water to the site yet but its early days. The overall goal is to work with volunteers and particpating agencies to promote the community's sustainability and long term environmental health. The Women and Family Centre has a garden as well so there is plenty of work to get on with at the Centre and other sites in the community. All project partners are committed to direct engagement with Anangu and are looking forward to co-designing solutions and working toward a sustainable future. Climate Clever will also be engaged in our Microgrid Solar Energy Project with other partners so we embrace renewable energy where we can in Greening Tjuntjuntjara.

For volunteers please indicate your area of expertise and interest or role in supporting our community on the form provided for the October event.

We will be sending a Shout Out soon for sponsors to support the tree planting volunteer program so don't hesistate to call us if you think you can assist!

Stay Safe!


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