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Community WiFi, Mobile and Internet Access

The Tjuntjuntjara CRC can assist you with community wifi, mobile and internet access. Come and see one of our team for help on accessing services, troubleshooting device settings or contacting Activ8me or Optus. 


Contact the CRC if you have a need to access to the Activ8me Community WiFi network, Optus Mobile 4G or just need internet accesss or IT Support. The CRC and PTAC Office assist with troubleshooting Activ8me WiFi access and ticketing. An EFTPOS is available at the front counter in the PTAC Office to buy a ticket. The CRC provides a front line troubleshooting service to assist Activ8me and other providers with troubleshooting outages or access issues in community housing and other buildings in Tjuntjuntjara and Ilkurlka.


Community WiFi

WiFi Access.jpg

The CRC can assist with accessing the Activ8me Community WiFi network in Tjuntjuntjara for internet and server access. Tjuntjuntjara has over 55 access points for indoor coverage and outdoor access via the Activ8me network. An EFTPOS machine is available in the PTAC office to purchase data tickets.

Local Mobile Access

Optus Mobile.jpeg

The CRC can assist with accessing the Optus Mobile 4G network in Tjuntjuntjara for internet and phone use. Call Optus as usual if you have issues with your plan or the service. The PTAC Coordinator and CRC work tother to advise Optus of outages or issues with local network hardware.


Call Optus Mobile Support

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