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Family Support and Women Centre Services

The Tjuntjuntjara Women's Centre is in the Spinifex native title area in the Great Victoria Desert, in Western Australia. It's a safe place for women to gather, talk and create, with a focus on health, children, social and emotional wellbeing.

The women are focused on developing social entreprise as a means to create an income. With 80% of the money from art sales going towards the women, the Centre takes only what is required to cover the costs of materials used.

The Spinifex people, including those residents at Tjuntjuntjara, are represented by the Pila Nguru Corporation, the Native Title Representative Body in the Spinifex native title area. Within this native title area, Paupiyala Tjarutja Aboriginal Corporation manages all services at Tjuntjuntjara community including the Family and Women's Centre.


The Centre delivers programs and activities with the women that meet the COAG Closing the Gap “Building Blocks”:1. Early Childhood 2. Schooling 3. Health 4. Economic Participation 5. Healthy Homes 6. Safe Communities 7. Governance and leadership.


Existing programs and services are:


  1. Parenting and Family engagement with Children and Schooling

  2. Training workers in nutrition and health foods.

  3. Supporting women to develop leadership skills in health, nutrition and family issues.

  4. Provision of a secure venue for meetings around centre programs, protective behaviours and family issues 

  5. Provision of a secure and functional space for a community creche.

  6. Provision of a space and resource for women's health initiatives.

  7. Provision of a space for arts and crafts activities, including coordinating and organising bush trips with senior women to collect materials and plants for food, arts and crafts, and for making traditional medicines.

  8. Further developing program links with other stakeholders.

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