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Visitor Accommodation

PTAC provides visitor accommodation at the Barn for contractors, service providers and agencies who are on business and require overnight accommodation while in Tjuntjuntjara. Please note our Visitor Accommodation beds are limited. Room rates have changed recently and are available from the PTAC Office Manager in Tjuntjuntjara on 08 90371100.

Reservations for the ensuite single person rooms and caravan beds at the Barn are made through the PTAC Office. Contact the Spinifex Health Service (08) 90371102 or via Millen St (08) 61880160 for visiting health specialist short-term accommodation and Ilkurlka Roadhouse for Ilkurlka travellers.


Reservations and payments cannot be confirmed online so please call or email the office. We have a Cancellation Policy so please contact the Office Manager in the PTAC Office well in advance before you schedule your travel.


Contact Details:

·    Barn Visitor Accommodation - call PTAC Office 08 90371100 during office hours


    Spinifex Health Service  Visitor Units for specialist services - call SHS Admin on 08 61880160 or 08 90371002 via the clinic


·    53B MiIlen Street, Boulder - Staff Only - call Spinifex Health Service Admin on (08) 61880160 during office hours

·    Ilkurlka Visitor Accommodation - see our Ilkurlka website and call Roadhouse Manager on (08) 90371147 during office hours

We can also be contacted by email for a booking request!

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