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Community Development Program Job Services & Activity Placement

Paupiyala Tjarutja Aboriginal Corporation (PTAC) supports a Community Development Program (CDP) in Tjuntjuntjara and Ilkurlka to facilitate local employment and commmunity development.

Our services include:


  1. Support and Supervision for Job Seeker placement in Community Work for the Dole activities - see our list of available Activities

  2. Support for local employers in transitioning unemployed job seekers to work and training;

  3. Linking with PTAC's IAS-funded Vocational Education and Training activity to support youth in VET and transitioning from School to work, tourism and other enterprise activities; 

  4. Developing strategies and services with our partners and community stakeholders to improve job outcomes.

If you are an external agency or employer seeking CDP engagement feel free to request an appointment online with our CDP Manager on 08 90371127.

Work for the Dole Activities

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