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Donate Your Household Items to Our Community

We are on a mission to furnish community houses in Tjuntjuntjara!


The Tjuntjuntjara community is really fortunate in securing housing and essential services upgrades this year.


We were overjoyed when the State and Commonwealth announced funding for housing upgrades - you can read more about that here.  


What a joy it is to move into a brand new house with all the furniture and appliances that make a happy healthy family home so special? 


We totally agree, but our housing upgrades bring a new challenge for our community members on low incomes. 


It's just not affordable to buy furniture and appliances on a low income when you factor in the cost of freight to the community and the price of new items from retail shops! 


In short, there will be no furniture and white goods in the new houses if people can't afford to buy what they need.


Tjuntjuntjara is 686 kms from the nearest furniture store in Kalgoorlie, which is our nearest regional population centre! 


Its a real affordability issue. Your donation of household items or cash will make a real difference!

How to Donate

Note: Tjuntjuntjara is in remote Western Australia so if you are donating household items we need to work with you to get it to a Collection Point in Perth or Kalgoorlie. We are setting up containers at two collection points: one in Perth at a Depot and the other at our yard at 9 Hopkins St in Boulder - so please be patient as we sort out how we work with you to deliver/pick up and store items before transit to the community.

Step 1  Check out our list of items needed below. Also download the letter of request with campaign details!

Step 2 Decide what you want to donate - sometimes cash is simpler and easier at it helps us pay for transport costs and freight!

If its a cash donation you can go straight to our Go Fund Me Furnish the Gap page!


Step 3 Contact Us and leave details of your kind donation and contact details on our online form here or call us!

Step 4 We will get in contact with you to discuss where to next with your gift

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