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For access on your phone or device find the Activ8me HotSpot WiFi on your wifi settings and if you have any difficulty with the home page type in on your phone or device browser to go to the  Activ8me HotSpot landing page. We have found some phones need the settings adjsuted so the WiFi link takes you straight to the landing page.


Here are some simple steps to follow for buying a data pin in the PTAC office or Ilkurlka Roadhouse:

  1. Buy data pin from the merchant (PTAC/Ilkurlka Office) using EFTPOS

  2. Connect to the 'Activ8me WiFi' hotspot 

  3. Open your internet browser 

  4. Go to and click "Press HERE to access PIN" 

  5. Enter you PIN details 

  6. Click "HERE" to start browsing 


The CRC has brochures and information booklets from Activ8me that will help you navigate services and support.

Here are the Contact Details for Activ8me

 We suggest you call and email their support team after you speak to the CRC to troubleshoot access issues.

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