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Optus Mobile and WiFi Calling on your Phone

Optus 4G

The community's Optus Mobile network is a small cell satellite network that  relies on Satellite backhaul and occasionally gets congested when there are a lot visitors or contractors in town. PTAC doesnt manage the OPTUS service so please bear in mind our capacity and limitations when dealing with outages or technical faults. All OPtus network hardware is located in the PTAC office. The CRC can assist community members with access and setting up your device initially to access the network locally.

Telstra WiFi Calling

Some staff and community members use Telstra WiFi calling over the Activ8me network on IPhones and other devices. You generally need to have the right device, a stable good quality internet connection and knowledge of how to change device settings to call this way but more and more people are using this option along with Phone apps like Messenger and WhatsApp to call over the community WiFi using their Telstra phones and plans.

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