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Welcome to Tjuntjuntjara in Spinifex Country

Paupiyala Tjarutja Aboriginal Corporation manages the Tjuntjuntjara Community and Ilkurlka Visitor Centre on behalf of the Spinifex Traditional Owners

The people of Tjuntjuntjara are known today as the Spinifex People or Anangu [the people] locally. They lived in the Great Victorian Desert long before European settlement of Australia. Scientists have found evidence of human habitation in Central Australia that dates back approximately 25,000 years. Today the communities of Tjuntjuntjara and Ilkurlka are managed by Paupiyala Tjarutja and Pila Nguru and going from strength to strength. Both communities are major cultural centres and are moving towards economic sustainability.

Tjuntjuntjara Collective -- 'Tjuntjuntjara Tjukurpa'

Tjuntjuntjara Collective -- 'Tjuntjuntjara Tjukurpa'

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