Mar 12, 2017

Watch out for the ruts in the road from recent rains

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There are several large ruts on the access road from the Connie Sue to Tjuntjuntjara around 50kms out of town. From our latest journey there are two dangerous areas; one around 5okms out from Tjun, the second around 30kms out of town. Road crews will be out as soon as possible but please take care if you are driving in and slow down.

Oct 4

When it rains I feel so lost and lose the urge to stay in contact with the world which made Lara so worried. So now she has started coming at my place whenever it rains. She hires the and completes her assignments meanwhile I enjoy rain.

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  • grahamtownley
    Oct 12

    Be careful if coming through on this patch 3km east of Zanthus. Its around 400mm deep and 400m long. If you are on the road check with Murray at the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder first and 4x4 only until this lake dries up. There is also a big one 3km before Zanthus. Check road reports before travelling.
  • grahamtownley
    Mar 12, 2017

    If you are coming in from the south along the transaccess road from Kalg don't forget to check the alerts on the CKB website.,-Your-City/News-and-events/Road-conditions.aspx

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